Accounting for Freelancers and Artists

Whether you're an artist, actor, writer, designer, musician, or work in another creative field, doing freelance taxes is more complicated than a simple W-2. Being a freelancer means running a business and knowing where that business stands throughout the year, not just at tax time. Our staff includes MFA-trained actors and is highly sympathetic to the needs of artistic freelancers. Let us help you with tax preparation, budgeting, and pension planning today. Our office is a block away from Columbus Circle and easily accessible for the New York City region.

To help you organize your freelance tax preparation, here is a basic list of typical expenses incurred by freelancers.

  • Office supplies
  • Rideshare, cabs, subways, buses
  • Book, magazines, reference material
  • Telephone/internet
  • Promotion
  • Office rent
  • Gas and electric
  • Memberships (professional organizations)
  • Messengers, private mail carriers, postage
  • Business insurance
  • Tax preparation
  • Travel
  • Business meals
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Mortgage interest/taxes
  • Legal and professional fees